Dorper Sheep Sales

Sheep Predators

In our region we have foxes, eagles, dogs and crows.
  • Most predators are territorial, even the neighbour's dogs are limited in numbers - so you only have a limited number of predators feeding on your lambs and if you have a large flock, say 400 sheep all lambing at the same time - the predators will only get a small portion of them.
  • However, if you only have a few sheep, unless you guard them carefully, you could lose a large portion of your lambs.
  • Another way you can incur heavy losses is to let the rams run continuously with your dorper ewes, resulting in sporadic lambing and giving your predators a continuously supply of lambs all year round.
  • White dorper ewes are fiercely defensive of their lambs and your dorper lambs soon learn to run really fast, but sometimes with two or maybe three lambs to defend it is a losing battle for the ewes.

Alpacas can be hired or bought from Nambi Alpacas at Horsham. Ph.(03)5382 6900. They definitely do seem to cut down losses from predators.
We chose Alpacas over Mareema Dogs because Alpacas eat grass like our sheep & don't need dog food to be supplied to our more remote properties.