Dorper Sheep Sales

Dorper Fertility and Breeding

General Dorper Breeding Notes
  • Thoroughly check all rams 6 to 8 weeks before joining.
  • High temperatures may cause temporary infertility. Provide shade and good drinking water. Try to protect your rams from overheating.
  • Especially in young growing rams, energy and vitamin A are important in sperm production.
  • The recommended ram percentage is 1 to 2.5%.
  • Young rams are more fertile - however use a higher ram % for very young rams.
  • Once over 6%, less ewes are served.
  • Older ewes have higher ovulation rates.
  • Allow ewes at least two chances (two cycles of 17 days each) to be mated. About 36 days ( 5 weeks).
  • Can take some rams out in the last 2 to 3 weeks of joining.
Dorper Breeding Seasons and Ages
  • Dorpers have an extended breeding season, late spring to early winter.
  • Puberty is determined by body weight rather than age.
  • Joining weights: Ewes 8 months and 45 Kg Rams 4 Months.
  • Ewes can be joined at 8 months if well grown and have good body weight, usually joined at 10 month
Some Comparisons of the Dorper Reproductive Cycle
  • Dorper oestrous cycles per year is 16.6 whereas Merino is 8.1.
  • Dorpers on heat for 33.3 hours, Merino 25.2 hours.
  • Dorper gestation is 142 to 150 days and wool breeds 150 days.