Dorper Sheep Sales

Buying Tips

Some points to consider before buying dorper sheep.

1. What type of dorper sheep are the best suited to your needs? Black headed dorper sheep possibly have better feet than white dorper sheep. However when you join a black headed dorper ram to, say, a merino ewe, the lambs will be multicoloured sheep, hence in Australia white dorper rams are more popular.

2. You can buy all your dorper sheep (both ewes and rams) from a stud and form your own "white dorper sheep stud", but I think today you may find yourself in a very competitive market.

3. You can buy white dorper stud rams and put them over your existing flock of sheep. This has one immediate and big advantage as the cross-bred ewe lambs will be "poly-oestrus" and can breed continuously.

4. You can buy commercial dorper rams from us or other breeders, and provided you choose carefully the lambs produced should be just as valuable in the sale yards as those from stud rams.

5. If you do not already have a flock of dorper ewes there is a large variety to choose from - some better than others.

  • Commercially bred dorper ewes.
  • Large bodied merino ewes are very popular and easily obtained - but you will have to wait generations before you could call their progeny "easy care" sheep.
  • Wiltshire Horn - also an easy care shedding sheep - but only breeds annually: put a dorper ram over the ewes and even after the first cross most will have lost their horns and become poly-oestrus.
  • Damara are easy care shedding and can often be bought cheaply, but are not as popular at the sale yards.

3 excellent dorper rams, bought
to add new blood lines to our breeding flock.